Migrate your packages from MyGet to Azure Artifacts

I recently migrated NuGet packages from a private MyGet repository to Azure DevOps Artifacts because it is actually cheaper and if you already have all your build pipelines in DevOps, why not use the artifacts too. Good thing there, you can also include the usual NuGet feeds like NuGet Gallery or npmjs, that way you only need your feed in Visual Studio or your pipelines for restoring all the packages.

So I used the guideline from Microsoft to migrate all my packages, let’s say it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I ran into multiple issues and the Powershell module wasn’t working at all. Let’s see how I fixed it.

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Moving to Barcelona – Utilities

After finding and renting a place the next step would be changing the contracts for all the connected utilities. Let’s just hope that everything is connected since it’s much easier and quicker to get everything working.

For us it was changing the contract for water, electricity and broadband into our name.

Some of them are pretty easy and some will just take a bit longer or more follow ups, but you can get it done with almost no Spanish I would say.

If you are using the service of MovingToBarcelona then she will try and help you change all the contracts, but sometimes the companies just want to deal with you and not third parties.

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