Moving to Barcelona – Social Security Number

So the next thing you might need is your Social Security Number, at least if you want to work or receive other benefits like your Health Insurance Card.

It is actually much easier to get this, at least if you are the one who is working. If you want to add your wife/husband and/or child to your social security account, then you will basically need all the documents you needed for the NIE.

Why do would you want to get your wife/husband/child/children added to your account as a beneficiary? Because otherwise they won’t get their own Health Insurance Card (targeta sanitària individual or TSI).

So how do you get your Social Security Number?


If you will be employed, then you just need to go to your nearest TGSS – Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social office and ask for the Social Security Number, depending on the office you will not need an appointment and can just wait there.

Documents needed:

  • NIE
  • Passport
  • Ideally the letter from your employer, but not a must.
  • Form TA1 which you will get there

You could use the service of again, but it is far to simple and you can’t really make a mistake, also like I said above you don’t really need an appointment and if you do so, you will get one quick.


I won’t go much into detail if you will be self-employed, but you can basically get the Social Security Number online after your registered as self-employed, also online. All you need is an certificate for your PC/notebook, so that you can access the website where you can register. To get that certificate, you will need to apply online and go to a Social Security office and prove your identity.

Here to get the certificate.

I would get the certificate anyway, even if you are employed, that way you can get other documents and do your tax return online.

If you want more information on how to register as self-employed and get the social security number let me know.

Family as beneficiary

You might want to add your family as beneficiary on to your account, so they can benefit from your contributions and get the health insurance card.

In order to get them added, you have to make an appointment at your nearest Social Security office.

Documents needed:

  • Your NIE
  • Your Social Security document
  • NIE’s of your family members
  • Passports
  • Marriage/Birth certificate, ideally translated or multilingual like when you applied for the NIE’s

The website of the social security and for your online account once you have your certificate to also request the EHIC (European Health Card) here

If you have some questions, just leave a comment or have a look at my other articles here.

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