Migrate your packages from MyGet to Azure Artifacts

I recently migrated NuGet packages from a private MyGet repository to Azure DevOps Artifacts because it is actually cheaper and if you already have all your build pipelines in DevOps, why not use the artifacts too. Good thing there, you can also include the usual NuGet feeds like NuGet Gallery or npmjs, that way you only need your feed in Visual Studio or your pipelines for restoring all the packages.

So I used the guideline from Microsoft to migrate all my packages, let’s say it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I ran into multiple issues and the Powershell module wasn’t working at all. Let’s see how I fixed it.

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Azure Kubernetes Service – Autoscaler and multiple node pools

I’m currently working a lot with Azure Kubernetes Service – AKS again and since I’m trying to determine the best setup regarding nodes and their settings I started testing the “Cluster Autoscaler” a bit more and the rather new “Multiple Node Pools” as-well.

The cluster autoscaler is around for a bit now, so its basically working fine but it’s still in preview. Multiple node pools are pretty new and also in preview.

If you are not familiar with those two features:



So let me share a few issues I ran into and how I solved them…or not.

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